2CSE50E1: Web Application Development

Learning Outcomes: 
This course is designed to introduce Java developers to the development and testing of server side applications based on Java EE component model.
Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:
Develop, debug, and test server-side applications
Understanding Web Application Server (WAS)
Develop and test servlets using Web Application Server
Develop and test JSP pages using Web Application Server
Learn how to use JavaBeans, JSPs and servlets in accordance with the Model/View/Controller (MVC) programming model
Develop, test, and use JSP custom tags
Describe deployment and run-time issues of Java EE-based applications including security, scalability, and work load management in the context of Web Application Server
Assemble and perform integration testing of Java EE-based applications using Web Application Server
Identify best practices for designing and building Web applications such as application frameworks and design patterns
Describe Java EE component model and its use in building server-side applications

·             Introduction to Java EE WebComponent

·         Overview ofServlets

·         Java EE Perspective of the Rational ApplicationDeveloper

·         Java EE Container ServicesOverview

·         ServletAPI

·         Library CaseStudy

·         Overview of JavaServerPages

·         JavaServer Pages Specification andSyntax

·         Page Designer in Rational ApplicationDeveloper

·         Debugging WebApplications

·         Web Archive DeploymentDescriptor

·         Session State StorageIssues

·         CookieAPI

·         HttpSession: Management of ApplicationData

·         URLRewriting

·         Best Practices for SessionManagement

·         JavaBeans and the MVCPattern

·         JSP ExpressionLanguage

·         JSP CustomTags

·         JSP TagFiles

·         ServletFiltering

·         ServletListeners

·         Best Practices for Server-Side ApplicationDevelopment

·         Java EE Packaging andDeployment

·         Installing an application in Web ApplicationServer

·         Web ApplicationSecurity



Reference Books: 
Fundamental of Web Application Development
IBM Course Material
Syllabus PDF: 
PDF icon 5th Web Application Development.pdf103.62 KB
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