2CSE50E5: User Experience Design

Learning Outcomes: 
Upon Completion of the course, the students will be able to
Given a problem setting, critically discuss the appropriateness of potential user interface and experience design methods such as diary studies, storyboarding, experience design, etc.
Describe the issues and challenges to achieving a human-centered design process, especially with regard to user experience design
Develop an appreciation for the use of storytelling as a means of designing and evaluating user experience
Use, adapt and extend design standards, guidelines, and patterns focusing on user experience
Employ selected design methods at a basic level of competence: diary studies, mood boards, storyboarding, sketching, video scenarios, and experience prototyping
Create storyboards, video scenarios, and experience prototypes for a small system and plan and perform a real world deployment study of a user experience
Course Overview This course on user experience design following the user-centered design process. The course is oriented toward practical methods for approaching a design problem holistically, beyond usability and usefulness. In this course, you will de

1.        What is aUI?

2.        Input & Output controls andwidgets

3.        Web Site Critiques [web2.0 &web3.0]

4.        Web Design - Cleaning up theWWW

5.        Design techniques such as scenarios, personas, storyboards, wire- framing, and informationarchitecture.

6.        App Design and itsprinciples

7.        Prototyping tools, both low-fidelity andhigh-fidelity.

8.    Design for small screens, responsivedesign.

9.        Non-GUI design (e.g., auditory interfaces, gestureinterfaces).

10.     Pattern of UI / UXDesign

11.     Understanding the Designing language of Desktop, Web andMobile

12.     Flow & Layout & Organizationalstructures

13.     Swing Programming Intro &Widgets

14.     UI Widgets & InputDevices

15. A process - Design vs. implementation


Balsamiq, by Balsamiq Studios (http://balsamiq.com)

Axure RP Pro, by Axure Software Solutions (http://www.axure.com/) InVision App, by InVision (http://www.invisionapp.com/)

Reference Books: 
Sketching User Experiences
San Francisco: Morgan Kaufmann. (Amazon)
Buxton, B. (2007
Sketching User Experiences: The Workbook
Greenberg, S., Carpendale, S., Marquart, N., and Buxton, B. (2011)
San Francisco: Morgan
Syllabus PDF: 
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