Adani Group Educational Trip 2014

Sunday, December 28, 2014 to Monday, December 29, 2014
The trip was planned on 28th & 29th of December 2014.
All of us enjoyed very much and come to know about the many new things that are being held in current industries operating across globe. All the facilities were given by Adani at free of charge.
The bus arrived from Ahmedabad at 5:00 am in early morning in between the way students were offered with snacks, tea, and coffee and reached at Shanti Vihar (Adani Guest house) by 1:00 pm. As soon as students reached they were offered with their rooms.  Here students rest about for half an hour and then went out for lunch. After lunch they gathered in a hall and come to know about the Adani Group and it business. 
At 3:00 pm students went to visit Adani Port. Here students come to know about Port’s storage capacity, total capacity of ship parking at a time and its upcoming projects. It was one the India’s largest public sector port.
Around 4:30 pm students reached at Adani Willmar one of the well-known edible oil making company. Here students come to know about Oil extraction from raw material, designing containers for oil, storage system and oil packing. Students were amazed & gets excited after watching this plant. 
At 6:30 pm students came back to Shanti vihar & gathered at temple for evening prayer by 7:00 pm. The dinner was scheduled for 8:00 pm and after dinner students of Ganpat University performed a drama and song singing. Around 10:30 pm student were advised to go to their allocated room and do rest.
On 29th December students wake up by 5:30 am and until 7:00 am they went for yoga & laughing sessions. At 8:00 am students gathered for breakfast and by 9:30 am they check-out from room and departed to West Port Jetty of Adani.
At West Port students noticed the operations of different machines operating within sea as well as on ground. They came to know that this port was specially built for Adani Power and was constructed for coal importing by ships coming from different parts of the world. Students also come to know about West Port upcoming projects for better development.
By 10:30 am students went to visit Adani Power plant, one of the largest private sector electricity generation plants in the whole world. Here firstly students were introduced with Adani Power display model. Then they went to control room of power generation terminal and come to know about its functionality. It was a great experience for students after visiting this plant.
At 12:45 pm students came back to Shanti Vihar for lunch and by 1:15 pm they departed for Ahmedabad. In between the way students were offered snacks, tea, and coffee.Finally students reached Ahmedabad by 10:00 pm as on 29/12/2015.
Sincere thanks to Dr. Hitendra Patel, Ms. Leena and Adani group.