Adventure Trekking Camp at Manali

Friday, May 26, 2017 - 06:15
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Adventure Trekking Camp at Manali

26/05/2016 to 03/06/2016

ICT organises trips and camps for students every year and this time a 9-day trekking camp to Manali was organised with the assistance of White Mount Adventures. Trekking is the outdoor recreation of carrying gear on one's back, while hiking for more than a day. It is often but not always an extended journey, and may involve camping outdoors. 

The students of 4th and 6th semester, ICT, participated in the trekking camp at Manali. There were 20 students and 2 faculties who participated in this outbound team building activity. The tudents departed for Delhi on the 26th May and reached there on 27th May. rom Delhi, students went to Manali via Bus and reached there on 28th May.

The first day students were taken to the basecamp. At the basecamp facilities of tents in which 3-4 students stayed and breakfast, lunch, supper and dinner were provided. Also sleeping bags were provided which could provide warmth in temperatures upto -4 degree Celsius.After introductions the students went on an acclimatization trek in the evening. On the second day the students went to Gulaba by bus, and from there trekked to Roli-Kholi camp site. The third day the students trekked back down from Roli-Kholi camp to gulaba and back to the base camp.On the fourth day the students went to do river rafting and on the fifth day the students went to on a tour of manali city and visited Solang Valley, Hidimba Temple and the market. After that the students went back to delhi and returned to Ahmedabad on 3rd June

At the end of each day, students enjoyed games and conversations about their experience sharing while sitting around their tents.This camp will definitely develop hard core mental and physical strength to survive not only in the mountains but in all aspects of life itself. The students were very happy about the overall experience and requested for more activities like this in the future.