Ahmedabad Industrial Visit (Divya bhaskar& MyFm 94.3)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ahmedabad Industrial Visit.

Newspaper at present has become an important factor to the people all over the world. Modern people cannot think of starting their day without reading newspaper.   So, an industrial visit was planned on 30th November 2016 at one of the organization who has one of the largest circulation of newspaper in India named Dainik Bhaskar in Ahmedabad to understand how their organization work in order to deliver the newspaper in about 1.5 Crores houses in state of Gujarat daily.16 students visited to this industrial trip.

During visit first we were taken to their office which is situated near YMCA club in Ahmedabad. At 1pm we have met Alap Gandhi Sir who explained us about the organization Dainik Bhaskar. Alap Sir shown us a video first which was having information of Dainik Bhaskar. The information of Dainik Bhaskar was shown in the video. It is a organization which started in Bhopal in 1958. Today, Dainik Bhaskar is present in 14 states with 61 editions in 4 major languages prevalent in India: Hindi, English, Marathi and Gujarati. It is also declared the world's 4th largest circulated daily newspaper in 2013-14.

 Alap sir then explained us the whole process of printed media(newspaper). First the news is brought by the reporters working in the company. Then the news is edited by editors and a tagline is set for that particular news. A department then sets the layout of every page and which news and advertisement is printing at which page through a software. He also told us that average newspaper costs double its price. As the layout of each page in the newspaper is ready it is send for printing in the press which is located in Changodar in Ahmedabad.

Alap Sir then explains us about website divyabhaskar.com and also explains us about how traffic is measured in that website. Sir also tells us about the printing press in Changodhar as they have the fastest printing press machine. Due to that they have an added advantage of printing the newspaper late and giving latest news. Sir then tells us about their application launched in 2014. Conversation ends with Sir with question and answer session.

After the session with sir, we present the madam with a momento who was guiding us for the visit. Then we were taken to the setup of MyFm 94.3 which was in that building.

We were explained about how MyFm works.It is working in two ways. i.e. Offline and Online. In Offline way, the songs and advertisements recorded are stored in server and is transmitted to the transmitter which is then can be listen by people on radio. Also they have a department which monitors these system through software. Now they were having 3 rooms for RJ(Radio Jockey) who are doing shows on radio live. Department are also monitoring live shows. If any technical problem occurs then RJ is shifted to another room or some songs are played from server stored for offline mode until the problem is fixed.

We were then taken to the one of the fastest printing press of Gujarat in Changodhar. Sir Suresh Bhatt took us there. A person working in the printing press explained us about the printing of newspapers. Four different colors are used for printing. Reels of paper are attached in the machine for printing by staff. They have computers to monitor the machine. If any problem arises in the reel as if it is broken then the machine automatically stops.  The reels and color are exported from outside. At a time two sides of a page of a paper are printed. The machine also folds the paper. The machine has a capacity of printing about 85000 paper per hour.

It was a nice visit as it was informative and we got to know about how print media works.