2CSE304 Application Development–I

Credit Hour Table

Lecture Hour T/W Hour Practical Hour Total Hour Lecture Credit T/W credit Practical Credit Total Credit
0 0 2 2 0 0 1 1
0 0 2 2 0 0 1 1

Examination Scheme

Theory Int. Asses. Theory Sem End Theory Hours Theory Total Practical / TW Asses. Grand Total
50 50
50 50
Learning Outcomes: 
Identify, formulate and solve real life problems by applying engineering principles through prototyping followed by software based solution.
Develop inter -personal skills and team building.
The inception of Application Development – I starts from summer break. This is an integral part of their curricula every summer. The student can work on innovative ideas under the mentor ship of in-house faculties, PG / Ph.D. scholars, NGOs, R & D or industry in diverse fields of their interest.
The summer work could last anywhere between 6-8 weeks and it is continuing during semester III for effective execution.
The summer work is designed to help you to experience what it is really like working in real world environment, to help you apply the theory and skills you have learnt till semesters, and for your personal development.
Work Plan:
  • Study the existing work environment 
  • To improve the existing work environment propose the innovative idea. 
  • Submit the abstract 
  • Build the prototype and Test 
  • Propose the software based solution 
  • Document and present the work 
Content/discipline knowledge and skills are assessed at the practical level through continuous evaluation.
Syllabus PDF: 
PDF icon Application Development.pdf140.9 KB