Capstone Course Report

Monday, December 26, 2016 - 07:30


       Capstone course is fundamental course of any language or subject which is offered by university taken by senior students.The purpose of capstone course is create an opportunity for bachelor degree candidates to revise subjects and clear their doubts and create better understanding of particular subject.


Start Date: 26 Dec 2016

End Date: 30 Dec 2016

Time: 9 AM to 1PM

 Topics covered:

●     Introduction

●     Basic structure

●     Datatypes

●     Variable

●     Constraints

●     Operators

●     Decision making

●     Loops

●     Array

●     Functions


●    Quiz-1: Introduction, history of C, printf( ),scanf( )

●     Quiz-2: switch case, operators, variables, formatted output, break and continue statements

●     Quiz-3: Loops(for,while,do while), array

As instructed by our college HOD Dr. Hemal shah and Prof. Preksha Pareek we offered week long capstone course on c language to semester 1 students. In course above topics were covered. The basic theory was taught and explained along with practical implementation. Various quiz were held which included the theory questions, MCQs and programs. Quiz was designed considering interview level Questions and program.


We started our sessions with fundamental topics as requested by students. During the sessions we found that students were facing problems with basic structure and logic building. So our initial plan was to cover topics till pointers but students were weak at basics so we decided to strengthen their fundamentals.

Students were very cooperative and enthusiastic to learn and supported us in session. They were performing well in given programs and quiz.

Capstone course was great experience for as well. We found it really helpful in loosing stage fear and it improved our explanation power. In course of delivering lecture we had to prepare ourself well which helped us to revise our c logics and in solving our doubts.

Everyday feedback was taken from Students and we found that students were satisfied with sessions.


Overall Capstone course was really great experience we learned many things and we would be delighted to take this kind of courses in future.