Convergence 2k18

Friday, March 16, 2018 - 10:00
Kherva, Mehsana


The U V Patel College of Engineering and Technology celebrates convergence every year . The aim of convergence is to provide a platform for the students to develop and showcase their technical skills. The broad outline of convergence is to include various competitions and workshops- making technology a fun for the students participants from various colleges. Convergence 2018 also fulfills the motto, having various events named Mech-A-Nizer, Constructo,Infocrats,Bio Fusion, ElectroSecto,Electabuzz,Tech-Marino,Eureka Maths and General Events. The convergence 2018 was followed by the annual day celebration Radiance 2018. 

The convergence 2018 was scheduled on 16th and 17th March , 2018. 64 students of B.Tech CSE participated in the various events of Infocrats namely Web Inside,Lan Arena, Poster Presentation, HunterLeague,Clipex,Code Hunt, Code Connection, Project Presentation, Paper Presentation, Google Hunt and Workshop.It has been a fun and learning experience for the student participants of Convergence 2018.

Faculty Coordinators:-  

Prof. Anil Prajapat  

Prof.Vidisha Thakkar