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Cyber Security

CS Year 2018

CS Syllabus Effective from 2020

Subject Code Subject Name Credit
2HS101 Calculus 4
2CSE101 Internet Programming 5
2CSE102 Essential of software foundation & Programming - I 5
2CSE103 Digital Electronics 4
2CSE104 Basic Electronics 4
Subject Code Subject Name Credit
2CSE501 Software Engineering 4
2CSE502 Computer Networks 4
2CSE503 Algorithm Analysis & Design 4
2CSE50E21 Identity & Access Management 5
2CSE50E22 Mathematical Foundation for Cyber Security 5
2CSE50E23 Information Theory & Coding 4
2CSE50E24 Cryptography 4
2CSE50E25 Ethical Hacking 2
Subject Code Subject Name Credit
2CSE601 Theory of Computation 4
2CSE603 Network Security 4
2CSE604 Cyber Crimes and Law 3
2CSE60E21 Data Security Systems 4
2CSE60E22 Advanced Cryptography 5
2CSE60E23 Web & Mobile Application Security 4
2CSE60E15 Data Warehouse & Mining 4
2CSE60E24 IOT Security 4
2CSE60E14 Artificial Intelligence 4
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