Eitra eInfochips training & Research Academy

Thursday, March 5, 2015
eiTRA,eInfochips Ltd, 2nd Floor, CIASIS Building, Umiya Mata Campus, Near Sola Bhagvat Chowkdi, Ahead of High Court, S. G. Highway, Ahmadabad.

B.Tech CSE (CBA/MA/BDA) students of semester-II visited  e-Infochips Training and Research Academy (eiTRA) on 05/03/2015 along with faculties.

EiTRA eInfochips Training and Research Academy was formed to bridge the gap between Academia and Industry with the noble goal and vision of "Making an individual Self-reliant". During the visit, students have observed various undergoing projects like “Smart Suitcase”, “Green House” and many more (total 12), focusing on the applications using knowledge of recent technologies in Electronics and Computer science and engineering. From this visit, it is worth noted that the integration of such knowledge widens the spectrum of applications in the real time systems as well in the benefit of society.Students were highly motivated at the end of the visit. Faculties found the visit fruitful.