Enterprise Application development for Cloud

Learning Outcomes: 
Students successfully completing this course will be able to:
• Develop and deploy different types of applications on public cloud
• use different types of database services to store data and bind with application on cloud
• deploy applications using third party softwares
• Develop Big Data application
• Develop IoT application
• Develop Mobile application

Practical Content :- 

  • Cloud application development using CF CLI
  • Cloud application development using local workstation(Eclipse)-JAVA and MySQL
  • Cloud application development using local workstation(Eclipse)-NODE.JS
  • Cloud application development using Toolchain- Devlops
  • Cloud application development using Cloudant-NO SQL database\
  • Working with  Cloudant, JSON and SQL databases
  • Android mobile application development using IBM BlueMix mobile services
  • Push Notification service for Android mobile application
  • Developing Big data  application using Map
  • Reduce Service to perform analytics for Big Data Sets
  • Developing IoT application using NODE Red and Database services
  • Hands on IBM Watson services.
  • Hands on Cloud security services
Unit NoTopics

Introduction to Cloud and Bluemix

Web service Development and Cloud Computing Overview, Understanding cloud service models and deployment models,Understanding IBM Bluemix, Consumption View – IaaS (Soft Layer), PaaS (IBM Bluemix), BlueMix Architecture ; BlueMix Overview and Dashboard Bluemix Architecture,Cloud foundry architecture, Understanding   git and ant. 


DevOPs service

Understanding  DevOps service, Understanding Toolchain, Working with DevOps service, Understanding JSON,   REST architecture


Development of Apps using Data Services

Understanding Data services-SQL, NoSQL, Columnar databases, Cloudant Database, Working with Cloudant Database,JSON and SQL databases


Bluemix Services in Mobility,Big Data & IOT

Understanding Mobile services- Mobile Backend and Messaging services,Push Notification service,Understanding Big Data and Analytics, Understanding Internet of Things(IoT) and IoT application development using cloud,NODE RED editor


Understanding AI and IBM watson services, Cloud security, Security services on cloud

Reference Books: 
Redbook : IBM Bluemix The Cloud Platform for Creating and Delivering Applications
Raffaele Stifani
Syllabus PDF: 
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