Enterprise Application development for Cloud

Learning Outcomes: 
Students successfully completing this course will be able to:
• Develop and deploy different types of applications on public cloud
• use different types of database services to store data and bind with application on cloud
• deploy applications using third party softwares
• Develop Big Data application
• Develop IoT application
• Develop Mobile application
Unit NoTopics

Introduction to Bluemix

Cloud computing overview ; Consumption View – IaaS (Soft Layer), PaaS (IBM Bluemix), BlueMix Architecture ; BlueMix Overview and Dashboard ; Setup and installations - Eclipse and CF plugins ; Lab Exercise: Building an Application from a Boilerplate in the Bluemix UI ; Deploying a Java web app that uses the PostGreSQL service with the IBM Bluemix Eclipse tools Lab Exercise : Building and Deploying the Java version with the IBM Bluemix Eclipse tools 


Development of Apps using Bluemix Services

Registering Services in Bluemix; Lab Exercise : Deploying a Node.js app that uses the MySQL service with command line tools ; Lab Exercise : Build a Twitter Influencer Application in Bluemix Building and Deploying the Node.js version with the IBM Bluemix Eclipse tools ; Deploying the Python version with command line tools 


Development of Apps using Dev Ops Services on Blue Mix

Overview of Dev Ops ; Overview BluemixDevOps Services Importing and deploying the application from DevOps; Updating the application ; Lab Exercise: JEE Cloud Trader Benchmark Application on Bluemix that use performance analysis capabilities 


Bluemix Services in Mobility & Big Data

Overview of Services in the areas of Mobile Apps Development & Big Data ; Lab Exercise: Building an Application with Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) on Bluemix platform ; Lab Exercise : Data Management service - Build an BI application using Map Reduce Service to perform analytics for Big Data Sets 

Reference Books: 
Redbook : IBM Bluemix The Cloud Platform for Creating and Delivering Applications
Raffaele Stifani
Syllabus PDF: