Enterprise Mobile Application Development (FDP)

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 - 09:00

Report on Faculty Development Program


Subject: Enterprise Mobile Application Development

Instructor Name: Mr. Balaji Sabdhar

Instructor’s Profile:

·         IBM Certified Mobile Application Developer

·         More than 4 years of experience in Developing Hybrid mobile applications, Android application and JEE applications.

·         More than 9 months of experience in setting up infrastructure for the Mobile solution provided by IBM

Duration: 4 Days (16/11/2016 to 19/11/2016)

Total Hours of Training: 32 hrs.

Overall Agenda of this FDP

Day-1: 16.11.2016

1.      Self Intro and course Outline

2.      MobileOverview - Different approaches for the Mobile app

3.      Inroduction on MFP and QA

4.      Worklight studio overview and QA

5.      Setting up the trainee's system for the Lab sessions

6.      UserInterface overview and QA

Day-2: 17.11.2016

1.      ClientSideAPI  and QA

2.      Lab session for client side API

3.      Local storage and QA

4.      Lab session for Local storage

5.      UIFramework and QA

6.      Cordova and QA

7.      Lab session - cordova

Day-3: 18.11.2016

1.      Adapters and QA

2.      Lab session – Adapters

3.      Web native Integration and QA

4.      Using Native APIs and QA

5.      Lab session

6.      Security and QA

7.      Lab session

Day-4: 19.11.2016

1.      Location and QA

2.      Notification and QA

3.      Deployment and QA

4.      Team Development and QA

List of Participants

1.      Prof. Dharmendra Sutariya

2.      Prof. Anil Prajjapati

3.      Prof. Dhaval Sathwara

4.      Prof. Gaurang Banker

5.      Prof. Rahul Shah

6.      Prof. Sudipta Roy

7.      Prof. Preksha Pareek

8.      Prof. Prachi Pancholi

9.      Prof. Hirav Shah

10.  Prof. Meghna Patel (MCA-UVPCE)

11.  Prof. Chetan Gondaliya (MCA-DCS)


·         Overall, the FDP was very informative.

·         The style and way of teaching of instructor was very interactive and understandable.

·         Sutariya sir said: “Sessions can be extended for more than 4 days so enough practice can be done.”


·         Anil sir said: “Trainer has good knowledge of domain. He continuously asked for the doubts and questions & answers that are I liked. I would rank 8 out of 10.”