2CSE203 Essentials of Software Foundation & Programming-II

Credit Hour Table

Lecture Hour T/W Hour Practical Hour Total Hour Lecture Credit T/W credit Practical Credit Total Credit
3 0 4 7 3 0 2 5
3 0 4 7 3 0 2 5
3 0 4 7 3 0 2 5

Examination Scheme

Theory Int. Asses. Theory Sem End Theory Hours Theory Total Practical / TW Asses. Grand Total
40 60 0 100 100 200
40 60 3 100 50 150
40 60 3 100 50 150
Learning Outcomes: 
Overview of OOPS with C++ Programming Language
Understanding Information Management & IBM Information Management Stack
Concepts of XML and related ideas
Basic idea about Integrated Development Platform (Eclipse)
Basic Understanding of Java Development & Debugging the Applications
Integration of fundamental technologies & development platforms
Unit NoTopics
Introduction to C++
OOPS, Essentials of Programming, Features of C++, Inheritance, Polymorphism & encapsulation, Operator Overloading, I/O in C++, Advanced Topics.
Information Management
Information as a Service, IBM Information Management Software, Order Fulfillment System – Example Case, Open Source: Derby, Cloudscape, DB2 9 pureXML Technology, DB2 Express-C, DB2 Data Server Editions, Information Integration Business Drivers.
Introduction to XML and Related Technologies
Issues in information exchange, What is XML?, Exercise: XML basics, Document type definitions (DTDs), Exercise: Working with DTDs, XML namespaces, Exercise: XML namespaces, XML schema, part 1, Exercise: Generating XML schemas, XML schema, part 2, Exercise: XML schemas, XPath, Exercise: XPath (and quiz), XSL transformation: part 1, Exercise: XSLT part 1 - simple XSL transforms, XSL transformation: part 2, Exercise: XSLT part 2 - simple XSL transforms.
Introduction to Integrated Development Environment – Eclipse
What is Eclipse, Eclipse Architecture, Eclipse Platform Architecture, Eclipse Plug-in Architecture, Eclipse Case Studies, Eclipse Terms and Concepts.
Java Development Tools
The JDT environment, Creating and running a program, Automating testing with JUnit, Using Ant and javadoc.
Debugging Applications
Using the debugger, Starting the debugger, Setting breakpoints, Stepping through the code, Inspecting variables and expressions, Hot code replace.
The Eclipse Architecture
A brief discussion of the Eclipse plug-in architecture, Finding, installing and updating plug-ins ,Some popular plug-ins.
Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project 1.0
Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP 1.0) Project, Web Standard Tools, J2EE Standard Tools, The Data Tools Project, The AJAX Tools Framework.
Software in Real World
The IBM Canvas - some of the tools that students shall learn about and use in their future trainings and projects on the IBM technologies.
Software in Real World: The Road Ahead
The Road Ahead is woven with the overall course content, especially the IBM Canvas to help students in selection of the right career path and the related IBM courses.
Syllabus PDF: 
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