Fundamental of Big Data and Hadoop (FDP)

Thursday, December 8, 2016 - 09:00

Instructor Name: Mr. Jithin SL

Instructor’s Profile:

·         IBM Certified technology lead

·         Handled complex Bigdata projects in the space of Retail, Telecom, Energy, Banking Media and entertainment and Automobile industry.

·         Working as a Solution consultant & Architect for critical Bigdata and analytics projects.

Duration: 4 Days (8/12/2016 to 11/12/2016)

Total Hours of Training: 32 hrs.

Overall Agenda of this FDP

Day-1: 8.12.2016

1.      Self Intro and course Outline

2.       History of big data and basic introduction

3.      Inroduction on analytics and types of analytics

4.      Hadoop distributions and ecosystems

5.      Lab session: Commands in hadoop {IBM infosphere}

Day-2: 9.12.2016

1.      Hadoop Components

2.      Architecture of hadoop

3.      YARN

4.      MapReduce and QA

Day-3: 10.12.2016

1.      Security in  hadoop

2.      Web console security

3.      Compression Techniques in Hadoop

4.      Sqoop,,oozie architecture

5.       Lab session: Mapreduce   

Day-4: 11.12.2016

1.      Flume architecture

2.      Big Sheets

3.      Spark

4.      Lab session: Big Sheet

List of Participants

1.      Dr. Hemal Shah 

2.      Dr. Narendrakumar Patel

3.      Dr. Jyotindra Dharwa

4.      Dr. Satyen M. Parikh

5.      Prof. Jaimit R Patel

6.      Prof. Indravadan Patel

7.      Prof. Preksha Pareek

8.      Prof. Dharmendra Sutaria

9.      Prof. Dhaval Sathawara

10.    Prof. Sudipta Roy

11.    Prof. Rahul  Shah

12.    Prof. Hirav Shah

13.    Prof. Anil Prajapati

14.    Prof. Rinkesh Patel

15.    Prof. Daxesh Shah

16.    Prof. Vidisha Thakkar

17.    Prof. Nidhi Thacker


·        Overall, the FDP was very informative.

·        The style and way of teaching of instructor was very interactive and understandable.

·        Overall feedback of all participants was very good.

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