Get Desired Internship with InterestShip

Monday, July 13, 2015 - 09:00
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·        The best way we can explore our interests is through internships, ain’t it? Interestship provides a platform for passionate and talented students where companies and students can find and connect with each other through projects, internships and challenges.

·        The CEO of InterestShip company, Mr. Shreyansh Jain and College Acquisition Head, Sohan Kalsariya had visited our college and had given an agreeable and amusing presentation of their company, walking the students through their attractive site.

·        The main benefit we obtain through them is an exciting resume and network that connects innovative companies. All you have to do it sign up to their website and fill your choices, skills and education. According to your choices of interest a really beautiful and visually catchy resume is created as your profile. Through the same, you can apply for jobs or internships, and the companies will check you out on the basis of your profile and call in for interviews or programs.

 So buckle up and make your resume NOW on