Guidelines to create Linked In Profile

LinkedIn has more than 500 million professionals worldwide and capturing the attention of even a fraction of this network can help you land internships, jobs, and valuable connections.

Where do I start?
At the very beginning.:
  • First, Create your profile on LinkedIn
  • Then, follow the ICT LinkedIn page

What Next?
Your LinkedIn profile is where potential employers will get their first glance at your experience and background. Leave a great first impression by getting the following things right:

Photo: Shoot in a bright location against a solid background, and upload a high-quality photo. You’ll be surprised how much it makes you stand out. You do not need to have a suit on, but you do need to appear professional and approachable. Smile - employers like to hire happy people.

Headline: Your LinkedIn headline can be 120 characters-long. LinkedIn will generate a headline for you based on your latest education or experience. “Student at XYZ Institute” is clear but vague. “Engineering/Science/Management Student at XYZ Institute” is better, but doesn’t tell a recruiter if you have the experience or interest they’re looking for. Consider fuller headlines like “Brand Management Student at XYZ Institute with a Passion for FMCG” or “Mechanical Engineering student from XYZ Institute with keen interest in space research.”

Summary: This is your “elevator pitch”. It should describe what you do to someone who is unfamiliar with your position and role. Tell a story, do not just add bullet points.

Education & Experience:
• Include your past colleges, degrees, and majors in your profile. It’s common for companies to recruit alumni from specific institutions. • While describing specific jobs, connect the dots between your overall vision and your achievements in that role. • Describe your major projects and wins as well as the value that you brought to the team.

• Before asking for a recommendation, develop an outline. Make it as easy as possible for your boss, co-worker or client to write your recommendation. • Ask a supervisor at each of your jobs to write a brief recommendation. Be prepared to write one in return. • While recommendations from co-workers help, recommendations from managers are most impactful.
I have an All-star Profile. Now what?
Join groups:
Group membership allows you to reach target individuals without having to know their email address or having a first-degree connection. This way you can grow your network and expand your follower base.

Publish on LinkedIn: Write short-form updates or long-form articles to showcase your thoughts and ideas to potential recruiters. Let them know you are more than just a few degrees.

Follow: You can follow influencers or experts in your field. You can follow company pages and groups to get regular updates on your area of interest.

Job Search on LinkedIn:
Search jobs by title, company, industry, and region on the LinkedIn India Jobs page. Here’s how LinkedIn’s new jobs pages to can help you unlock your next opportunity:

Potential Connections: LinkedIn evaluates your network and automatically shows you who you know at interesting job opportunities. These insights can help reveal old connections that you never would have thought of to reach out to.

Targeted Insights: Provides unique insights such as who from your current company as well as which alumni from your institution now work at the company of interest.

Meet the team: With this feature, you can learn more about the type of people you may work with if you pursue the opportunity. It highlights people with similar roles, as well as their skills and career highlights. Some LinkedIn Features to Streamline your Career Discovery Process:

Saved Jobs: When browsing through listings, it’s easy to lose track of all your opportunities. This feature allows you to save jobs in a single click—with automatic syncing across all your devices. If you see an opportunity during a busy workday, simply flag it on your smartphone and apply later from your desktop or tablet.

Job Alerts: With a single click, you can set up daily, weekly, or monthly alerts for relevant listings. When the right role opens up, you’ll be first in line to apply, thereby increasing your chances of getting the job.

Jobs You Might Be Interested In: The information on your profile and search activity will all influence the listings LinkedIn displays as “Jobs you might be interested in.” Navigate to your “Jobs” tab to customize the location, company size and industry of these listings.

How does Institute of Computer Technology help you in building better career?
• Academic Curriculum at ICT includes all cutting edge technologies with fundamentals of Computer Science and Engineering.
• All the labs are well equipped with LAB Setups and required platforms.
• IBM Trainers trains practical implementations to get student ready for upcoming challenges in trends and technologies.
• Specified Courses are provided as Institute Electives such as Python, Swift Programming, etc.
• Workshops and Seminars are arranged for students to let them know present and future aspects of the subjects they study.
• Faculty Members and Management are actively participating and working with Research Institutes and Innovative Projects

“Networking shouldn’t feel like work. Whether business or personal, a relationship is a relationship. Be real about it, and be yourself. If you invest time in building new relationships, you’ll stumble upon unexpected opportunities.” - Jim Citrin, CEO Recruiter & Author, The Career Playbook
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