Happy Street

C.G.Road Ahmedabad.
Sunday, July 19, 2015

Happy street is an initiative to get people and their spirits high out on the streets instead of a lazy Sunday Morning.
It was one of the most fresh start of Sunday one could have. We could see the small kids and even the elders riding the cycles, and doing skating. Some were out with their dogs taking them for a walk with their family, some playing old classic Indian games with handkerchiefs, balls and we too were playing Kho-Kho and many such games.
We played a lot there and instead of getting tired we were feeling energetic and dynamic. We could feel as if by going there, we forgot all our tensions, all our worries and were just enjoying that moment. After a long time we were living only in present.
The kids were happily playing and enjoying and with them all of us felt like our glorious childhood days were back. We could see the charm of freshness and happiness on each faces.
We could feel a positive and happy vibe in the whole atmosphere around us. At the end of the street we could see a stage where many of the people were grooving to the beats of different talented youth bands from different parts of Ahmedabad. 
Then the whole crowd, with full enthusiasm and energy started aerobics and did some great exercises. And how can a Gujarati event ever be complete without Garba ?
All the people from infants to the senior citizens enthusiastically participated in the event.
At the end we all were very grateful to Happy Streets initiative for giving us such a wonderful experience and environment which pulled us out of our monotonous routine and again spread freshness in our lives.

Student Participated :
Kishan patel
Parth Patel
Mansi Bagadia
Bhashit Pandya
Sanyami Shah
Jagdish Patil
Bansi soni
Hemant singh
Manushi Patel
Virendrasingh Solanki

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