IBM DAY Celebration 2016

Sunday, March 20, 2016 - 10:30
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IBM DAY Celebration

(19-20, March 2016)

This year the Institute of Computer Technology dedicated a couple days on the celebration of the collaboration of Institute and the IBM Career Education. These days were organized to motivate the students to learn about the incorporation of programming and web designing in the new incentive technologies which are being implemented in new device such as Drone or Quad copter programming, Neural Controller (which operates in brain waves). The aim of the celebration was to help the students to learn about how their subject knowledge is and can be implemented in all sort of devices and gear.

Also on 19th March, there were various competitions were organized among the students, such as Technical Quiz, Hackathon, Code Connection etc. to motivate them to learn about different aspects of their subjects.

112 students of B. Tech (Computer Science and Engineering) had participated in these competitions of the IBM day.

               On 20th March, a seminar was conducted by Mr. Josh and Mr.Juned Ali Khan from IBM development program on Neural Transmitter and its programming. In this seminar they discussed about how a drone can be controlled through brain waves and how its programming can be done using the Java programming language. Also, they introduced to the students about the working of the most successful cloud platform- IBM BlueMix. They showed the students how the BlueMix can be integrated in app development and various programming projects.

This seminar was sort of a learning venture for the students on how the Cloud Computing, Big Data and Mobile Applications are interconnected.                                       

All   the students were rewarded for the various competitions which were organize during IBM day celebration, Students who were winners and participants in different events and festivals like Convergence 2016, Youth Fest(Satrang 2016), Sports Day and also for any external events.


Institute congratulates all winners and participants.