IBM DAY Celebration 2k18

Friday, September 28, 2018 - 07:45
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The celebration of IBM day 2018 was held during 28-29 September. During these two days, various events were organized. Two experts session were arranged and delivered by IBM experts. The topics of these sessions were: 1. Blockchain with Hands-on & 2. Robotics session on NAO. The details of various events are given as below. 

Event Name :Cryptic Puzzle


In this event students formed a team of 2 and solve puzzles on the computer where each folder was encrypted with a password and contained a clue, solving the clue the student gets the password to another folder, like this on solving a series of clues the students find the last treasure in a Lab Room, the first team to reach there wins the event.

Total Participants : 66

Winners : 1st Position : Jay Patel and MihirManek            

                Runners up : Harsh Sevani and Sunny Pal

Event name : PUBG mobile


                In these events, players competed with each other in an online multiplayer game

                'PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUND MOBILE'. The main objective of the game was to

                be able to survive the game till there is only one man standing.               

                Total Partcipation: 72

                               Winner:  Divyapednekar(SEM-3 BDA) - 17162121020 

                               Runner up :Jyotn Joshi (SEM -1 )  - T18162171016

Event name : Web Inside


In this event every individual student was given a task to build a Event planning website. The one who designs best wins the event. 

Total Participants:57


1st position :Priyansh Gupta 

Runners Up: ManavVagdoda

Event Name: Pictionary

Description: In this event student formed a team of 4 and one of the member had to pick up the paper in which different words were written and he/she can just describe that word by picture and the members need to guess about that word. Team who scores maximum wins the event.

Total Participants:52

1st position :


Karan Singh chauhan


Shivam Patel

Runner up:

Jainam Shah

Saumya Mukherjee



Event name: Tech Quiz

Description of event: -

In this event students participated in groups of two. First round was a mix of MCQs, Fill in the blanks and one word answer. 5 teams qualified for the second round. Second round was a buzzer round with negative marking. The team with highest score in the end won.

 No of participants: 26 teams(52 students)

 Name of winners: -

Harmish Patel    - 15012121015   

Harsh Singh - 15012111017          

Name of Runner-ups: -

Saumya Mukherjee        - T18162171026                 

Kathan Patel - T18162171029

Event Name : Code Hunt


It is a hardcore programming contest where you will participate in a team of 2. The competition is based out of, so you can use 30+ languages available (python, c, c++, etc)

Total Participation: 8

Winner :Krunal Jain 

Runner Up: Darshan Patel

Event name: Google Hunt


This event had two rounds.

In first round the participant had to answer a quiz whose answers they could search on google but they could not open any links.

In second round they had to download a bunch of pdfs from Internet. 

No. of participants: 31

Winner: Harsh Patel 

Runner up: Harsh Sevani