Information and Communication

Subject Code Subject Name Credit
2HS101 Calculus 4
2ICT101 Web Development 5
2ICT102 Computer Programming 5
2ICT103 Element of Electrical Engineering 4
2ICT104 Basic Electronics 4
Subject Code Subject Name Credit
2ICT301 Signals & System 5
2ICT302 Data Structures 6
2ICT303 Essentials of Software Foundation & Programming 5
2ICT304 Computer Organization 4
2ICT305 Discrete Mathematics 4
Subject Code Subject Name Credit
2ICT501 Analog & Digital Communication 4
2ICT502 Database Management Systems 4
2ICT503 Computer Networks 4
2ICT504 Digital Design using HDL 0
2ICT505 Embedded System Design 4
2ICT506 Software Engineering 4
Subject Code Subject Name Credit
2ICT601 Digital Signal Processing 4
2ICT602 Theory of Computation 4
2ICT603 Information Security 4
2ICT604 Artificial Intelligence 4
2ICT605 Application Development II 2
2ICT60E1 Advanced JAVA 4
2ICT60E2 Digital Image Processing 4
2ICT60E3 VLSI System Design 4