Institute for Plasma Research (IPR) Visit (Batch - 2015)

Saturday, January 9, 2016
Institute for Plasma Research (IPR) , Gandhinagar

Institute for Plasma Research (IPR)

Date : 09/01/2016, Saturday

Place : Institute for Plasma Research (IPR)

Description :

Students of semester-2 (CBA/MA/BDA) have visited IPR on Science Day. Words for the visit from students :

“It was surprising to realize that research on the fourth state of a material called- Plasma is going on from last 25 years right here at Gandhinagar. The equipments and data results developed by IPR are used by laboratories world wide as said by Mr. Kiran Patel, Scientist, IPR.

There are two set up machines for the purpose of creating plasma, viz., ADITYA and SST-1. The ADITYA uses copper material for generation of magnetic force whereas SST-1 uses superconductor materials to have better results.

Modern technology and equipments are used such as optical fibers, automatic data capture system, super conductors, ohmic transformers, etc.

Mr. Bhupendra Patel, Scientist at IPR introduced us the modern waste disposal system of pyrolysis, a form of incineration of waste materials.”

It is a matter of proud that Mr. Kiran Patel and Mr. Bhupendra Patel both are the Alumni of Ganpat University.

The IPR visit was very much informative.

Report Prepared by : Dhavalraj Dodia (2nd Sem, BDA)


Faculty Coordinator : Prof. D. S. Darji