ISRO Visit 2018

Saturday, December 29, 2018

GNU-ICT has organized industrial visit to ISRO to educate students on space assets and applications and latest technologies. Prof. Arohi Patel, Prof Rahul Shrimali, Prof Aniket Patel - visited ISRO campus, Ahmedabad on 29/12/2018 with approximately 80 students of both Sem-4 and Sem-6. The visit was very helpful for students as well as for faculties. They gave different kinds of lectures on different topics like - what is the role of any astronaut, what kinds of difficulties they face while traveling in space; working of PSLV, rocket launch - how exactly any space shuttle reaches in space, MOM (Mars Orbiter Mission). Also a movie was showed about astronauts working in space and rocket launch.Students really enjoyed entire visit.