KARMA foundation social summer internship - 2017

During this period in pi club I helped to plan out events of environment day, blood donation day and other events related with stress depression and pressure on teenagers of current time. I have suggested an innovative idea for environmental day that included debate, best out of waste like competition. I collected statics regarding blood donation and blood loss.  I have also worked of planning out for a seminar on peer pressure for the new 12 pass students.

-          Naisargai Thakkar (Sem 2 CSE-CBA) 

During this internship, we have elected as interns of Karma Foundation at Correction Home. The Purpose Of The Correction Home Is To serve childrens aparted from there Parents ,Child beggar,Homeless. We have interacted with them to be with them for quite time and serve them in every way possible. We felt so good after going there teaching them, making them learning new things ,Watching movie with them and carry out other activities like dancing and playing games.


-          Pooja Anandani  & Jigyasa Kashyap (Sem 2 CSE-BDA)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - 10:00
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