Laboratories Details

Information Security Lab

This lab has enough resources available for the experiments on information security. Students can perform encryption, cipher key coding, decryption etc.

Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab

The Laboratory has been developed to provide hardware and software training in the field of micro-processor and microcontroller. The hardware consists of 8085 and 8086 training kits and 8051 micro-controller training kits. The Lab also has 30 computers and relevant software packages like SPJ cross-compiler, built-in EPROM programmer software etc.

Artificial Intelligence Lab

Experiments based on Artificial Intelligence are performed in this Lab. The lab is well equipped with required tools for performing various experiments on sensors and robotics.

Communication Lab

A modern and well equipped Communication Lab has been set up to perform the experiments related to various communication subjects in the field of fiber optics, analog and digital communication. It has the necessary trainer kits, adequate test equipment and breadboard trainer kits. We have spectrum analyzer as well as digital storage oscilloscope.

Digital Electronics Lab

The experiments of various subjects related to digital electronics are conducted in this laboratory. Stress is laid for the students to perform experiments using discrete components on bread-boards. It also has various test equipment and trainer kits.

Web Development// Cloud Computing Lab

Students can perform practical using HTML, CSS as well as on cloud computing.

Basic Electronics Lab

The students perform experiments of basic as well as advanced analog electronics in this Laboratory. The students use discrete components to build the circuits on bread-board and test it with the available equipment. It also has many trainer kits from APLAB for analog circuits.

Digital Image Processing Lab

 Students can perform practical based on image processing, image compression, image enhancement etc. on MATLAB tool.

Embedded System Lab

We have Micro tutor development system for ARM -7 from EDUTECH for performing practical based on embedded system. Students are given exposure to real world interfacing through the medium of programming in Embedded C.

Digital Signal Processing Lab

Laboratory of Digital Signal Processing course aims at practical experience with the simulation and development of basic signal processing algorithms, using standardized environments such as MATLAB and general-purpose DSP development kits. Experiments cover fundamental concepts of digital signal processing like sampling and aliasing, quantization in A/D conversion, digital filter design and implementation, signal generation, spectrum estimation etc.

Object Oriented Programming, C, C++, JAVA, Data Structure

Laboratory is well equipped with latest configuration computers and software tools like C, C++,  JAVA etc where the students can perform programming on OOP/JAVA/ Data structure related experiments

Essential of software foundation and programming Lab

Laboratory is equipped with latest configuration computers and python, PHP softwares. Students develop the logic and write programs related to real world.

Licensed Software:



IBM Server x3100 M4 Series- 02

Lenovo PC- 95

Acer PC-42

LCD Projector- 02

CRO- 35

Function Generator-25

DC Power Supply- 30

Spectrum Analyzer -02

Digital Storage Oscilloscope- 02

Universal EPROM Programmer LABTOOL-48XP- 01

We have 6 hardware laboratories and 6 software laboratories. (Total 12 laboratories).

All Laboratories come under Wi-Fi coverage area.

All computers connected with server and internet facility available.

All computers Laboratory have Air conditioner facility.

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