Null Meet Hands-on-Activity

Sunday, April 15, 2018 - 09:45
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The session started with Introduction to null, a cyber security community in Ahmedabad by Bhashit Pandya. NewsBytes in which Manju shared some top stories from around the world related to hacking and breaches of data. Namrata, explained about what social engineering is and what is to take advantage of human mistakes to hack into organization. A very detailed explanation of testing firewalls was nicely explained by Ravi. Santosh discussed about some detecting attacks before they effect the organization. This session was regarding detecting phishing attack and previsions. Jaimin went through some basic checks an application has and attack vectors through javascript to hack into the web application. Bhashit had come up with really interesting hacking hands-on challenge at the end of the session where an isolated target was given which was intentionally created by him. It was really a great event by null ahmedabad.

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