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Sunday, March 25, 2018 - 09:45
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The session started with Introduction to null, a cyber security community in Ahmedabad by Bhashit Pandya. We had discussion about recent hacks and breach. Vishal took the 1st  session on wireshark, how wireshark can be helpful in forensics and what are the tips and tricks of using wireshark. Bhashit explained the concept of blue and red teams and explained more about how red teams work. He explained about their ideology and approach towards hacking and a real life scenario what he experienced being a part of a red team was explained. Jaimin explained about OWASP TOP 10's 1st category A1. He explained about what are injections in web application and also explained about their patches. A very thorough walk through of meterpreter and hacking into a machine bypassing security mechanisms of a machine was explained by him.
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