Opportunities and challenges in Large amount of Data By:- Pawan Lingras

Tuesday, November 3, 2015 - 10:15
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Dr. Pawan Lingras


Department of M.Sc. in Computing and Data Analytics

Saint Mary

Halifax, Canada

Pawan Lingras is currently a Professor of Mathematics and Computing Science and Director of M.Sc. in Computing and Data Analytics at Saint Mary’s University, Halifax. He has authored more than 200 research papers in various international journals and conferences. He has also co-authored three textbooks, co-edited two books, and nine volumes of research papers. His research and projects include data mining, big data, retail mining, wearable technology, Internet of Things, sensor data analysis, and optimization using evolutionary algorithms. Pawan is a graduate of IIT Bombay with graduate studies from University of Regina. Pawan is a recipient of Father William A. Stewart, S.J. Medal for Excellence in Teaching by the alumni association and Faculty of Science Teaching Excellence award by Saint Mary’s student association