Parents - Teachers Meeting 1st Sem - 2018

Saturday, September 29, 2018 - 08:00
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Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Institute of computer Technology


Minutes of the Parents-Teachers Meeting held on 29th September-2018 for the 1st year students.

The main agenda of the meeting was to get the parents involved in their ward’s development as a whole, discuss their ward’s progress at institute and to find solutions to academic or behavioral problems if any. The meeting was aimed at strengthening the dynamics of sharing, learning skills, attitude, academics heights, personal growth and professionalism between the mentors and the students.

The meeting started with the welcome address by Prof. Usman Sindhi and Prof. Umang Thakkar. They briefed the gathering with a presentation on the general information about the institute, continuous Evaluation scheme and activities carried out at CSE.The event was followed by the discussion with parents. Given below is the summary of the key-points from faculty-parents discussion.


1.      Parents are more concerned for the overall development of their student. They are happy with the institute environment, faculty teaching methods and guidance.

2.      Parents favored the continuous evaluation system and the inclusion of mid-semester exam along with the final university exam.

3.      Parents appreciate the way attendance is given importance via the continuous evaluation system. They also like the grading-system of each subject placed on Moodle in advance.

4.      Parents appreciate the concept of collaboration of IBM with institute and are asatisfied with the trainings delivered by IBM personnel.

5.      Parents were made aware with the placement-system and the role of audit-course in their wards skill development.

6.      Parents like the idea of such meeting where they get an opportunity to interact with the faculties regarding their ward’s progress and regularity.


7.      Parents had given the kind feedback about the institute and faculties. Parents had also written the testimonial for institute.