Program Outcome





Program Outcome

After opting of this post graduate program, the students will be able ….

1.      To understand the communication system and their  various vulnerabilities

2.      To provide prevention of different attacks as it is exposed to people of varying personalities and psychologies.

3.      To get knowledge of different threat management strategies, mitigate threats and provide necessary security services and solutions.

4.      To design and implement demands based expertise in solving network, system and application related security issues using and developing state-of-the-art tools and technologies.



Computer Science & Engineering with Specialization in Cyber Security


Course Duration

2 year


Admission Eligibility






Course Objective

In today’s cyber world, it is important for engineers to understand and appreciate computer/information security as it has becomes an essential aspects of our day life. This course provides students with concepts of computer security, cryptography, digital money, secure protocols, detection and other security techniques. Upon the completion of this course, students should be able to understand, appreciate, employ, design and implement appropriate security technologies and policies to protect computers and digital information.


Course Outcome

After completing this course student would be able to….

1.      Learn advanced networking concepts and enhance their knowledge of different network services and their defense requirements.

2.      Design and implement Security Systems and Solution against attacks in various categories of Networks like Ad Hoc Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks, and Internet of Things etc.

3.      Get awareness for User Profiling for Fraud Detection Systems, Psychology Profiling for an individual through Cyber Access

4.      Deal with Image, audio and video Forensics

5.      Do Assessment and audit of Vulnerability of any organization.

6.      Secure Web applications and Mobile Applications and enhance Privacy Preservation in Data Mining Techniques


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