Rural Internship- June-July 2015

  • Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar are fast developing cities and the hotspot for investors around the country. Well, the other side of the coin is something we never care about. The cities are becoming hot hub for the needy and the destitute. The air of melancholy surroundsthe slums.It’s unfortunate to find people who are devoid of basic necessities such as water, food, shelter, education and medicines.
  • We believe that the younger generation is a great investment as a resource in decision making and development process. So, with a similar purpose and passion for serving people, we aim to turn a small action into revolution, and hence, our college, ICT, incorporates rural internship, every year.
  • In the year 2015, students of B.Tech CSE did their Rural Internship, from NGOs of their choice. Their tasks included:
  • At Udgam NGO, Gandhinagar
  • Current vegetable prices are soaring high. Brokers become the middlemen and eat away the money from customers and the farmers. Neither is the end customer satisfied, nor are the farmers getting what they deserve. Udgam took up this issue and have started to sell the farm products directly from the farmers, at the price farmers want, which is actually lesser than the market. Students helped the farmers sell their vegetables and did their part in helping society and bread growers of the city.

·Our students played, danced, sung with the slum children and taught them basic math and manners and how to introduce themselves.

·Went to government offices and enquired about their policies, schemes and how they are working to improve the condition of the backwards and less fortunate.

·Our students also went to collect charity for the NGO from the local neighborhood.

           At SAMVEDNA NGO, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad

·  Teaching the students

·  Interacting with the village people

· Farm visits

· Interacting with parents of the kids of the schools of the Ngos.

· Learnt how bricks are manufactured and what was the raw material needed for the production.

· Visited farms where different kind of vegetation was grown and how those crops were reaped.

  • Development will only happen when the rural areas are developed. That is the benchmark. Our children made an attempt to have an insight to the rural world, and ended up rediscovering themselves.

Life Changing Experiences:

  • I really enjoyed working with the Udgam charitable trust, the experience was fresh and teaching and playing with children was my favorite part. Even though they have so little, they have so much positive energy and satisfaction of life that no one of us possesses, some of them actually wanted to study and asked us to teach them more, I'm glad to be a part of it and wish to do it again.
  • The two weeks of my rural internship was a very pleasant and memorable experience of my life. As I was never subjected to a rural environment and had always been eager to experience the way of life in a rural neighborhood, the opportunity to work for ICT was the best means to fulfil this eagerness. It is enthralling to see the vast and superior spread of technological wonders ICT has produced.
  •  A visit to a few rural huts opened our eyes to rural poverty. We had little knowledge regarding the acute poverty that holds firm ground on the most part of India. ICT provided us the opportunity to visit the rural households, interact with them and learn the many problems that surround them and their inability to grow. It’s appalling to learn the sheer tormenting way of life they lead.
  • One sentence I learnt from the rural internship is that, “An engineer can think of thousand things”. I understand it completely now. I built myself and my future engineer career during those two weeks.
  • After the two weeks of internship, when I re-think of those days, I understand all the good proficiency I have acquired. To begin with, I learnt how to insert in a team which has an aim and focuses on functioning in a direction. I understood how to adapt fast and well, to work properly as soon as possible. ICT and Udgam helped me get into it.
  • I realized that it is our villages that, in fact, sustain US by providing us with the basic raw material, every person basically needs. However today, we somehow don’t seem to appreciate that enough and ignore them away. We neglect goods that they produce day and night which actually keeps the city alive. It is time to acknowledge that our villages are our very foundation and move forward with one heart and one mind to help that. People at UDGAM are doing exactly the same and I am proud to be part of the organization.
  • After 10 days of the Rural Internship I don't have much complains with my life. I learned to be adjustable and mould myself, with circumstances. I thoroughly enjoyed playing with children. Unforgettable memories.
  • I lived their lives for 10 day, and learnt the actual meaning of “hardships of life”, understood that what we have, is more than enough for surviving. I felt like a child again while enjoying with the slum children. The rural internship took me away from this materialistic world and I found mental and inner peace. It gave me a fresh and new approach towards life.



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Monday, June 15, 2015 - 07:00
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