Vibrant Gujrat startup & tech.summit 2018

Thursday, October 11, 2018 - 10:30
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Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar.

                                                     Vibrant Global Summit 2018 

On 11th October, 2018, a very important, and prestigious event took place in Gandhinagar’s Town Hall. With an estimated audience of more than 10000, more than 250 exhibitors, and an event spanning over 3 very productive days, the vibrant Gujarat summit was a critically acclaimed event.

70+ students of Ganpat university, ICT branch visited the Vibrant Gujarat summit 2018 with Prof Usman Sindhi and Prof Umang Thakkar. The guest of honour was none other than our honourable Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Vijay Rupani. The event was inaugurated by his benign presence. Our very own Shri GanpatBhai Patel was present to enlighten the young minds with his years of experience and knowledge. The event had also welcomed various delegates from countries like Canada and Switzerland. There were the industry leaders in technical field, BOSCH, L&T technologies, MyCrop, Tech Mahindra, Ziccom , Sitara, Sonicwall, to name a few, attending the Summit making it a more and more important for the aspiring minds and people.

The whole event kick started with a lot of good speeches by the people who sit at the top of technical industry. The head of companies like tech Mahindra were there to guide the young minds. Our CM, Shri Vijay Rupani, praised the efforts of the Gujarat government, and the organisers, GIDC – ‘Gujarat industrial development corporation’, iNDEXTb – ‘industrial extension bureau’ and GESIA. He said that the young minds are what increases the country’s worth in the world. Gujarat being the state with the highest no of start-ups is one of the gem mines for the country and the whole world wants them. It was followed by the speeches of the foreign delegates and Shri GanpatBhai Patel sir’s speech.

After the important presentation the visitors where invited to visit the exhibitor’s presentation. The presentations were by various start-ups and prominent companies who had come up with a new and innovative idea for sustainable development as well as making humans life more easy.

All the stalls present there had the capability to bind the visiting people to their stalls. The demos and presentations made to showcase the research work and innovative idea of the companies. Artificial intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Block chain, Facial Recognition, Augmented Reality, Smart Waste Disposal, Holographic displays, 3-D printers were some of the main attractions. The use of VR glasses was one of the common things in the summit. One of the companies had develop a software to learn biology more efficiently by using VR. Another one was able to simulate a cycle ride down the road with a better experience than the games available right now in the market. The idea to bring digital things to life with the help of, now widely known, augmented reality was pretty amazing. Various smart waste disposal plans to facilitate improved waste management was again a prominent and important point of concern in the summit.

The whole 3-day summit was a major success, we the students attended the inauguration ceremony of the event, as well as the exhibits. We saw a lot of things ranging from use of the various technologies and attending the various seminars on the topics that interest an individual that inspires us to do more, learn more, innovate more.