Workshop Organised On Python

Saturday, September 17, 2016 - 07:15

A one day workshop on PYTHON language was organized  at the ICT campus for the students of 5th semester ,on 17th September,2016.The program was focused to explore the power and simplicity of the python language in association with TechSant IT Company.Ms.Sivani Sharma, founder of TechSant , conducted the workshop along with her four Trainers. All of them had good coding experience and full stack developers on Python, Angular JS and Django -framework. The co-ordinators of workshop were Asst.Prof Prachi Pancholi and Asst.Prof.Samir Mansuri. Almost 35 students showed their active participation.

The workshop was carried out in 2 sessions: 1st session included concepts about Introduction to Python and Interpreter, Details on Installation and setup of Python and text editor, Operators and Strings, Scripting. 2nd session added the control flow structure, functions and file handling in python and ended up discussing the applications of Python. This workshop was appreciated by the all students, as they were able to add another programming language in their technical skill set.